Doering Machines, Inc., previously C. Doering & Son is a 125 year old family business that was founded by Carl Doering back in 1884.  The company has been continuously operated by direct descendants of Carl that have made Doering Machines their life career.  Richard and Tim Doering, who presently run the company, are the fourth and fifth generations to do so.

The company has a rich history of products and services including Hot Tin Dipping of meat grinders, pots, pans, and utensils, Sheet Metal Fabricating, Fish, Poultry, and Meat Display Cabinet Fabricating (they used ice for cooling), Orange Juice Dispensers, Cheese Manufacturing Equipment, and even Fresh Water Dispensers. 

The company's present business is the design and manufacture of custom machinery for the food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industrial industries.  We specialize in pumping, sheeting, extruding, and portioning of high viscosity (thicker than apple sauce) materials.  The products we process can range anywhere from peanut butter to rubber.