• We manufacture unique, custom machinery.  Customers know that they can come to us with a problem and we will solve it. We capitalize on designing and building complete pumping systems for specialized applications.
  • We fully guarantee what we do.  Most of the machines that we build have a 100% money back guarantee if they don't perform as promised.  Few companies in the machinery industry are willing to do this.
  • We build high quality.  We've never been the price leaders, but no customer has ever complained after recieving their machinery that it wasn't well built and worth the money they paid for it.
  • We don't have an outside sales force.  All sales are direct and personal and handled by our office personnel.  We sometimes work through independent reps, but we are very heavily involved with the end user of the machinery.  Our philosophy with sales is to work on a technical level with the customer and not sell them something we can't build or make promises we can't keep.
  • Customers have direct access to the top of the organization.  They like the fact that Richard Doering personally guarantees the machine and that they can call him directly with any problems or questions.
  • We have honesty, integrity, and are open to our customers.  If we don't think our machine will work in a particular application, we'll tell the customer up front and work with them to find a mutually agreeable solution before we accept their order.  All our risks are carefully analyzed and balanced against our experience in similar applications.  Again, big machinery companies can't do this as no one wants to stick their neck out on anything.
  • We sell by reputation and word of mouth.  Many new customers heard about us from others in their organization or from when they worked with a competitor and they know before they even talk to us that we make superior machinery.